About Us

Tydus Inc. was started by five women passionately committed to bringing PD&D, trend forecast, marketing, as well as retailers together.
We are truly invested in meeting the design, sourcing, and production needs of our clients to create products that bring people closer to enhance their connections. We have diverse product categories, stocking everything from décor to gifts, lighting, packaging, and labeling. Supporting sustainability and care about giving back to our community in any way we can.
Our own brand, The Merri Glow Collection, features unique holiday decorations that are beautifully crafted and made to delight both children and adults at the most wonderful time of the year. In this way, we supply other businesses with truly creative and sought-after trinkets that positively boost their sales.

US Design Team

We are a US design team that specializes in catering to our chosen market. We deeply understand the needs, motivations, frustration, and desires of the people we design for.

Direct Import

We design, develop, and quality control, guaranteeing that we only use the best materials and suppliers. By establishing first-hand relationships with our suppliers, we always get the most affordable deals for high-end goods.

Online Drop Ship

No more worries about the upfront inventory costs or shipping logistics. Moving product from factory to front door. We wrestle all of the tasks and mess so you don’t have to.

Global Trends & Marketing Insights

We cater for modern needs during modern times. By closely monitoring the shifting landscape of people’s desires and worldwide trends, we identify exactly what people really want…and create it for them!


We take the time and effort to source the highest quality goods and materials because we understand that people now want sustainable and ethically conscious products.

Supply Chain Operation & Management

Since we manage the entire design process from beginning to end, we are also in charge of the supply chain operation and management to ensure that our designs are fully realized and of the best quality.

Meet Our Team

Team member Fluffy
Fluffy (2009-2019)

Chief Barketing Officer

Team member Berry
Berry (2011-2021)

VP of People-Pleaser

Team member Smokey

Stress Reliever/Heart Warmer

Team member Kirby

Chief Chaos Officer

Team member Muji

VP of Recruiting

Team member Fayfay
Fay Fay

Head of Kennelytics

Team member Bandit

Toy Durability Analyst

Team member Abbi

Chief Security Officer

Team member Gigi
Gi Gi

The Office Narcissist

Team member Niuniu
Niu Niu

CEO of Hand Warmer

Team member Maru

Office Plant Destroyer


Chief of Social Coordinator

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712 Nogales Street City of Industry, CA 91748
Phone: +1 (909) 295-2811